About Us


Bankair has been in the airline business for over thirty-five years. We started business in 1972 in service for local banks (therefore the name). We grew steadily and rapidly in the check transportation business and decided to expand into commuter passenger service in 1975 by providing regional passenger service in South Carolina and in nearby surrounding states.

In 1984 Bankair qualified for and was awarded a federal contract by the Federal Reserve Bank to fly the nation’s checks between the many Federal Reserve Banks. Because of this, Bankair decided to drop the commuter portion of our flying and concentrate on the new (and lucrative) federal contract. This new federal contract enabled Bankair to move from a solely southeastern airline to one that now traveled most of the U.S. During this time we added LearJet and Mitsubishi aircraft and maintained a normal fleet of over 30 aircraft.

Bankair has averaged more than 12,000 takeoffs and landings EACH YEAR for the last 24 years. We are now pleased to offer charter Learjet service to you and your company to any destination in the Western Hemisphere. Our seven passenger jet, the Lear 35A aircraft, is fast (very fast) and comfortable with one of the best safety records in the business.


If you are looking to get to your destination and don’t want to spend all day traveling, Bankair can fill your needs. The ability to travel direct to your destination is a great asset to busy executives who can’t afford to be stuck in airport terminals for hours on end.

With Bankair you have the ability to leave when you want from the airport of yourchoosing. And when you’re ready to go home, there is no waiting. We are standing by, ready to go even if you are early or late from your meeting. Bankair can save you or your company hours and hours in unproductive down-time. We accommodate your schedule, not some arbitrary timetable.

The savings in time and money can be tremendous. AND we do not require you to “Buy” a share in the aircraft (such as the fractionals do). We are just what you need – to get to your destination easily, safely and without a life long commitment.


“Working with BankAir has been an absolute pleasure. They are efficient and effective, never late, and wonderful to work with!”

- Celestial Jets Inc